Taking it One Line at a Time.

A highly untrained Canadian doodler trying to be creative every day. I post the strange & varied results here.

Inktober Day 21 ~ is the anniversary of Admiral Purratio Nelson’s victory (and death) at The Battle of Trafalgrrr
Inktober ~ Day 20 of 31: Sir Christoper Wren ….the 17th century polymath, and architect of St. Paws Cathedral 
Inktober Day #19 of 31  
Inktober Day 18 of 31
….Mewby Dick
INKtober ~ Day 17 of 31
Today is the birthday of one of my favourite screen writers. So I present you with Mark CATiss and wish him many goulishly happy returns!
Inktober 2014 ~ Day 16 of 31
Oscat Wilde
Day 15 of #Inktober is a feline wink to the birthday boy, P.G. Wodehouse, and features Jeeves & Mewster 
Day 14 of INKtober 2014
….”Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” 
State of the Desk ~ Oct 2014
Snail Mail Day!
Day 13 of INKtober 2014
It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada today so I’m only going to do this little cartoon that popped into my head when I thought of “turkey day”…