Taking it One Line at a Time.

A highly untrained Canadian doodler trying to be creative every day. I post the strange & varied results here.

Art supplies are packed & a paper-Pira (for selfies) has been made.

I’m ready for my two week trip to visit family in Finland! Nähdään!

Botanical Ink photo today is Ornamental Grass with Iroshizuku Ina-ho & Yama-budo + R&K Alt-Goldgrun
Botanical Ink today is a sprig of Thyme with Iroshizuku Yama-budo and Diamine Meadow Ink

Ink Drop ~ July 2014

A self imposed challenge to ‘draw using only the colours’ from a monthly subscription Ink Sampler, from The Goulet Pen Company. The July 2014 Ink Drop theme is Stars & Stripes.

Materials: Stillman & Birn, Zeta paper & 5 colours of ink

Brown fountain pen ink samples written with a dip nib on Stillman & Birn, Zeta paper as a personal colour reference page. 
And yes….I wrote ‘jumped’ instead of ‘jumps’. Apparently I like my Foxy antics in the past tense ;)
 Rudbeckia  with Noodler’s Habanero Ink
Spiked speedwell with Iroshizuku tsutsuji & Diamine Meadow ink with water
A wet Gallardia blossom & Diamine Yellow ink
Achillea blossoms with Iroshizuku tsutsuji ink
Blue ink test with a W. Mitchell Round Hand #4 dip pen on Rhodia dot paper